Corporate Wellness

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NUTRITION CONSULTS LLC, located in Ventnor, New Jersey offers tailored, dynamic nutrition workshops and consulting options for corporate wellness.   The main mission of Nutrition Consults is to persuade employees to enhance mental clarity and physical energy, through simple food modifications and therefore improve productivity and general contentment.   In addition, a healthier eating lifestyle has a positive impact on the work environment, which is beneficial to everyone.   For a minimal investment, on-going periodic nutrition seminars and consultations will inspire employees to implement day-to-day changes that will lead to a more productive individual and therefore reap benefits for the corporation as a whole.



Seminars may be presented at all meeting levels: the board members, administration, managers, staff and employees. Presentations are generally 50 minutes in length and include a power point presentation, question and answer session, handouts and materials that are user-friendly.  Seminar topics may include but not limited to:  eating for health and energy, deciphering a food label, tips to boost metabolism, eating for heart health, conscious eating (power of food choices on self and the environment), and mindful/intuitive eating (paying attention while eating)

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Nutrition consultations are beneficial for employees that are at risk for or struggling with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and weight issues.   During a consultation, present nutritional intake and activity is evaluated, along with percent body fat and BMI (body mass index).  The consultation includes tailored recommendations, meal planning and a variety of handouts/materials.


Menu consultation consists of an evaluation and tailored recommendations of the food options served at meetings and staff meals.    The type of food offered for meals, meetings,  holiday and office celebrations has an impact on a person’s health, energy and productivity.  Optimal food choices on a regular basis will lead to improved performance, a clear mind and a generally happier individual.



Corporate Consulting Locations:  Atlantic City Area – Philadelphia Area – Cherry Hill Area  – Cape May Area

How to Contact:  phone 609.402.8098 or email @


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Robert Collier



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