mother’s day & a coffee shop

mother’s day & a coffee shop

One of my favorite places to go is an eclectic coffee shop just around the corner from where I live.  The atmosphere is inviting with big comfy couches, large tables, unique art, a wooden bench and tables outside with an adorable awning plus small batch sweets created with ingredients on the healthier side.

For Mother’s Day, instead of the usual brunch or fancy dinner, I wanted to go to the local coffee shop with my kids, sit outside and hang. I am not a big “go out to eat and celebrate” kind of person.  I prefer small casual gatherings.  So that is what we did.  We arrived about 11:00 am and there was a perfect spot right out front with a wooden bench, green round benchtable and chairs just waiting for us.

The girls ordered vanilla lattes, my son a hot chocolate and myself and almond milk latte.  We sat outside and talked and it was perfect.  The gift of time with my kids without distractions.  This is what I enjoy about coffee shops.  Sitting, talking and hanging.

Now I am back home, writing this blog, sitting outback on my favorite lounge chair and the sun actually peaked out today, which has been rare this week.

For dinner, I am planning a simple dinner of homemade pizza and Caesar salad.  I thought about ordering out, but the truth is a prefer homemade food.  It just tastes better. My daughter offered to make the pizzas, which I am so grateful.  She has quite a nice touch with adding an ingredient here and there and the presentation is perfect.  No specific time for dinner, just going to see how it goes and enjoy the relaxing day.

You might be wondering where the picture is of my son and myself.   He did not want to take one earlier (he is not a fan of personal pictures) so hoping he will be willing later today and will post that pic too. 🙂 

And here is that picture ……..



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