favorite multigrain bread 

favorite multigrain bread 


Le Bus Multigrain bread is by far my favorite bread. The  bread is dense, crunchy and hearty, topped with bulgar, oats, millet, barley, flax, sesame and sunflower seeds. The Le Bus bread  is baked fresh at the LeBus bakery in Philadelphia and may only  be purchased locally in south jersey at Casel’s Marketplace in Margate and B.F. Mazzeos in Northfield.

I typically freeze the bread after purchasing new loaf (after I snack on a fresh slice of course). The fresh baked bread is delicious and the aroma is amazing! I have at least one slice most days in the morning with a smidgen of whipped butter. My 12 year old daughter enjoys it too.

Some may find the bread on the pricey side, but to me enjoying tasty bread with all natural ingredients baked locally is worth every penny.

Click on Le Bus Bakery  to learn more about the history of the bakery, which interestingly was a business that started in an old school bus in 1978 by David Braverman catering food items to University of Pennsylvania students



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