February tip: wholesome breakfast without the sugar 

February tip: wholesome breakfast without the sugar 

Many of my clients consume 1-2 tablespoons of added sugar at breakfast without even realizing it.  They falsely believe they are eating a healthy yogurt or oatmeal unbeknownst that they are downing 3-6 teaspoons of added sugar. 

Starting the day with added sugar leads to morning fatigue and a foggy brain. Here are a few ideas to start the day off right :

1. Steel cut oatmeal topped with cinnamon and chunks of apples 

2. 100% Whole grain toast with natural peanut butter and a piece of fruit.

3. Unsweetened shredded wheat with fruit and almond milk 

4. Plain yogurt with blueberries and raspberries, sliced almonds 

5.  Whole Grain breakfast wrap with nut butter, bananas and raisins 

Overnight Steel Cut Oatmeal

This is one of my favorite breakfasts. Prepare the night before for a delicious morning treat and make extra for the next few days.

Mix 1 cup steel cut oats with 2 cups of water or unsweetened plant- based milk. Add raisins, sliced almonds, and lots of diced apples or fruit of choice. Place in refrigerator and enjoy  the next day.  (3-4 servings)

Whole Grain Breakfast Wrap ( Forks Over Knives Recipe).  


On 1 whole grain tortilla wrap spread 1-2 tbsp of nut butter, 1 tbsp of unsweetened apple butter, sliced bananas and 1-2 tablespoons of raisins. Fold the ends of the wrap in toward the center, and roll up like a burrito. 


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