January tip: fresh approach this year

January tip: fresh approach this year

Try a fresh approach in 2016 to creating a healthier nutrition lifestyle.  

Say  goodbye to diets and starvation and learn how to eat real food and feel awesome. Every month In 2016,  I will offer tips to create a nutrition lifestyle that is both simple and energizing.

January Strategies:

1. Change the language you use around food. Instead of using words such as ”  I can or cannot eat this” or this is “good” or ” bad” for me,  create a new mantra, such as: 

“I choose foods that make me feel energetic and healthy.” 

Or ” I choose foods that are medicine for my body” 

2. Check out free nutrition websites that offer simple healthy eating tips and recipes.  Perusing nutrition sites or watching a food documentary can inspire you to get started. Some of my favorite websites are:




3. Create a list of all the positive nutrition strategies you are already doing. In my 25 years plus of working with clients, I have not met anyone who is not doing a couple of healthy strategies. This will be the foundation that you will build on over the next few weeks. 

Some of yours maybe:

I drink water every day.

I have an apple or some kind of fruit most days.   

I  choose lean meats over high fat ones.

Remember, it takes time to change habits so take it nice and easy and it will be a piece of cake!  




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