grateful for thanksgiving 

grateful for thanksgiving 

This year, I decided to change things up for Thanksgiving and spend it in Cape May, New  Jersey  at my favorite hotel, Congress Hall. I packed up Wednesday at 2 pm and drove the short hour with an arrival time of 3 pm.What a perfect way to say thank you and spend time with my family.

After we were checked in, my son and I walked around the quaint town

then we had a complimentary drink at the Brown Room, courtesy of Congress Hall. One of my favorite cocktails is a Tito’s vodka extra chilled, extra dry martini with a twist of lemon. I enjoyed small sips while engaging in small talk with my son.

For dinner, we ate at the Blue Pig Tavern. Tavern style food is perfect for my family. Everyone can find something to eat off the menu. For dinner, I ordered the barley and quinoa salad with a side of fries. As a nutritionist, you may think that I eat perfectly healthy all of the time, but that is not true. I enjoy foods like French fries which happens to be one  of my favorites. I think a healthy nutrition lifestyle consists of primary whole foods, plant-based, but it’s important to keep flexibility in there too.

Early Thanksgiving morning while the kids were still sleeping, I bought a cup of coffee and took a walk on th beach and boards. Enjoying perfect weather, sunny and 52 degrees.

 I so enjoyed Thanksgiving this year, mainly because I did something unique.  This  Thanksgiving try something different, such as a new food or a new way to say thank you to a friend or family member. I think variety keeps life a bit on the spicy side.


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