natural omega 3 boost

flaxMajority of clients I work with do not consume enough omega 3’s.    Omega 3’s are essential for optimal brain health and controlling blood clotting. They have also been linked with decreasing risk of stroke,  heart disease and alleviating symptoms with depression, Rheumatory arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Sources of omega 3’s include fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel),  walnuts, spinach, kale, flax and chia seeds.  Salmon is an excellent source if you eat it once to twice per week.  Even though walnuts, spinach and kale are sources of omega 3’s, you would need to consume a large quantity to meet your needs.

A natural, simple omega 3 boost can easily be accomplished  by supplementing your daily diet with 1-2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed.  Flaxseed is high in omega 3’s, fiber and lignans, which may reduce  blood cholesterol and triglycerides.   Below are some simple tips on incorporating flaxseed to your healthy nutrition lifestyle.kale spinach

1.  Add to a vegetables/fruit smoothie

2.  Sprinkle on steel cut oatmeal in the morning 

3.  Add to your veggie stir-fry

4.  Sprinkle on brown rice, quinoa etc

5.  Sprinkle on a mixed green salad – add spinach and kale for a boost

Be sure flax seed is grounded before consumption as our digestive system is not able to breakdown the seed.  Once you open the package, be sure to refrigerate to preserve.


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