gwen’s pasta primavera with spring vegetables


Recipe by Gwen Raring 

1 pound of al dente pasta of your choice (Gwen’s choice is Culinary Circle’s cavata, other options are whole wheat or brown rice pasta)

1 small package of broccoli slaw, saute’ lightly in extra light olive oil

 8 oz. package of sliced crimini mushrooms, saute’ lightly in extra virgin olive oil

8 ounce package of fresh mozzarella balls, drained & sliced in 1/2

4 oz. sun-dried tomato, Julienne, rehydrated in small amount of water over night – save juicesundried tomatoes

2 carrots, peeled in long strips

1 bunch of asparagus, cut in half (there is a natural break in asparagus, bend in half or in half

8 oz. string beans


Lightly blanch the three above mentioned veggies in simmering chicken or vegetable stock and remove.  (Wild Harvest sold by Acme has a nice affordable organic line)

olive oilToss all of   the above ingredients together, including sun-dried tomato juice.  You can also add vegetable or chicken stock, which will add flavor without calories

Toss with some olive oil to your taste, season with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper.  Gwen prefers to toss pasta in fresh basil, chives parsley and fresh garlic.

Add the fresh mozzarella balls and serve.  Healthy, yet flavorful

If you try the pasta primavera, we would enjoy hearing your feedback.  Feel free to post a comment.

GWEN RARING graduated from the University of Delaware with an Art History degree and the Academy of Culinary Arts. She applies both degrees in the artistry of her food as well as the taste.  She has been a caterer in the South Jersey area for about 17 years and emphasizes organic and fresh ingredients. She also loves to use local farms for their produce.  

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