chef karl’s spicy striped bass fish tacos

Phoebe Lapine_Grilled Fish Tacos with Mango Salad_HiResSPICY STRIPED BASS FISH TACOS

 by Chef Karl

Chef Karl says this is a light and nutritious dinner entrée that does not take long to prepare.  You can substitute tilapia or mahi-mahi for the bass.

INGREDIENTS:  1 small red onion peeled and diced, 1 mango (peeled, pitted and cubed), 1 avocado (peeled pitted and cubed), 2 limes, 2 striper filets, fresh cilantro chopped, salt/pepper, canola oil, blackening spice, flour tortillas, shredded napa cabbage

DIRECTIONS:  Combine red onion, mango, avocado, juice from lime, cilantro, salt & Phoebe Lapine_Grilled Fish Tacos with Mango Salad_HiRespepper in mixing bowl. Coat saute’ pan with oil, dust the filets with blackening season and saute’ until done, approximately five to seven minutes per side.  Warm tortilla shells in oil sprayed pan for one minute per side or in microwave under damp paper towel.   Place fish in cabbagetortilla and top with  mango-avocado salsa and shredded napa cabbage.  Squeeze lime wedge over taco and add hot sauce if desired.  Wrap and enjoy!

If you try the spicy striped bass fish tacos, we would enjoy hearing your feedback.  Feel free to post a comment.


CHEF KARL RATZ  has been working in the food & beverage business since attending the Philadelphia Restaurant School in 1978.  He has helped open 7 new restaurants over the years including 4 of his own.  He has worked in every position from Bartender to Chef, but found his home in the kitchen.  Karl sold his share of his latest venture “Red Sky Cafe” in 2006, became a certified  Dietary Manager and has run the Caring, Inc. kitchen for 8 years.  Karl is very involved in changing the way people approach their eating habits and has embraced buying and eating local products.


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