fascination with artichokes

800790I consult at the Caring Medical Day Center, which is located in Pleasantville, N.J,  and have been working with  Chef, Karl Ratz, for the past 7 years.  The other day we were discussing a recipe that had artichoke hearts.  Afterwards I thought about how much I love artichokes and how rarely I eat them.   I grew up eating artichokes. They were fun to eat and quite delicious, especially the savory heart part.  I am also considering using a design with an artichoke on it for my business cards.  So after discussing the artichokes the other day  and considering it as part of my marketing theme, I decided I would research some facts about artichokes.  They are quite loaded with good stuff and interesting facts:

!.  Full of nutrients – great source of Vitamin C,  B Vitamins, manganese,  magnesium, iron and fiber

2.  Native to the Mediterranean area, artichokes were used as food among ancient Greeks and Romans.   Cleopatra, Queen of ancient Egypt was also known to eat artichokes Cleopatra-VII-9250984-1-402

3.  Medicinal Uses –  Improves overall cholesterol numbers, aids digestive health such as with irritable bowel syndrome,  improve liver,  kidney and gall bladder function 

Artichokes are a quite tasty and beautiful vegetable.  I plan on eating an artichoke this week.

artichokesClick here for HOW TO EAT AN ARTICHOKE  and here for a STEAMED ARTICHOKE RECIPE 

When I was a kid, one of my favorite shows was “the Little Rascals”.  While writing this, I recalled an episode with Stymie (one of the little rascals) trying to figure out what to do with an artichoke.  I just watched the episode on you tube.  So funny!  I think it has been over 30 years since I had watched it.  Check out the episode here:


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