guacamole & blue chips

For a light dinner last night, my daughter and I munched on blue tortilla chips with fresh guacamole.  I added some fresh Jersey chopped tomatoes and black bean dip to my dish.  It was delicious.!!!!!

Favorite foods & brands:  

Garden of Eden Organic Blue Tortilla Chips

blue tortilla chips

Jersey Fresh Tomatoes


 Haas Avocado


Oasis Black Bean Dip


Where to find locally:

Garden of Eden Blue Chips:  Casel’s Marketplace in Margate, Shop-Rite (I have seen in Galloway and Somers Point) and Whole Foods in Marlton

Jersey Tomatoes:  Any Jersey farm-stand, B.F. Mazzeos, Northfield,  Shop-Rite

Haas Avocados:  Most grocery stores and Sam’s Club, Egg Harbor Township (bag of 5-6 for about $6)

Oasis Black Bean Dip:  Pamela’s Health & Harmony, Margate  (try the Oasis Hummus Dip too)


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